Archival Club

A 2-day workshop for California College of the Arts at the Prelinger Library and Internet Archive led by Mindy Seu and Jon Gacnik


Daniel Skitsko

Cindy Huang 

Yan Zhuang
Emely Vertiz

Jireh Datuin

Taylor Bird
John Wegner

Lumy Lu

Esmeralda Olivera


Day 1
Prelinger Library

Sunday, April 3

1pm, Introduction
1:15pm, Lecture by Megan Prelinger
1:45pm, Source Content
3pm, Persona Tutorial

On Sunday, we will begin by looking at referential projects by artists who use archives as a gesture and digitization as a medium. Megan Prelinger, co-founder of the Prelinger Archives and Prelinger Library, will give an overview of the space and describe its unique collection. Participants can use the library to curate and digitize their source material. Sunday will end with a Persona tutorial to help kickstart the site build. Participants are encouraged to ask initial questions and then continue to finesse their showcases during the week.

Day 2
Internet Archive

Saturday, April 9

9am–12pm, Work Time
1pm, Tour of the Archive
1:30pm, Lecture by Michelle Krasowski
2pm, Final Crits in the Great Hall

The second day of the workshop will be held at the Internet Archive. Participants may arrive by 9AM for assisted coding help from Mindy and Jon in the foyer. At 1PM, a tour will provide a glimpse into the building and services of the Internet Archive and the Wayback Machine. Michelle Krasowski will discuss magnetic media digitization and the process of creating collections on to have the histories of underrepresented or marginalized communities available to researchers. Final crits will be held in the Great Hall and are open to the public.

Event Photographs

Day 1
Prelinger Library

Day 2
Internet Archive

To watch the presentations, please visit:

Special Thanks:
Rachel Berger, CCA coordination
Jon-Kyle Mohr, Persona support
Michelle Krasowski, Internet Archive coordination
Jonathan Ota, Internet Archive photography